ripostenaThe original name of the house is Ripostena, which means a sheltered and protected place and that's the reason why we chose the name “The house in the Woods”. It is an old country house which we personally restored with care and concern and with only slight external structural changes.

The location can be reached by a short dirt road amidst an old oak grove. Ripostena is only 10 km from Siena which can easily be reached in a few minutes, we are in the centre of a system of pathways which are clearly indicated by the CAI group (Italian Alpine Club) and you can therefore enjoy short or long walks and visit monasteries, hermitages and villas.

This is the so-called “Terra di Siena”, the region with its vineyards, yellow marble and famous “terra di siena” colour for oil paints (you can see a few examples in our photos).

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